Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

Construction of a Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blade:

For many years, carbide-tipped band saw blades have proved themselves to be a particularly efficient cutting tool for the meeting the metal industry’s requirements on a daily basis. The highly flexible backing band and carbide metal types in selected qualities are permanently welded together. Depending on the intended applications, the carbide tips are ground to achieve the required tooth geometries, which have been optimized for you in numerous on-site applications.


In the field of non-ferrous cutting, carbide-tipped blades have become today’s standard tool for an efficient production process. For machining steel, carbide tipped blades are highly regarded because of their long tool life, as well as the fact that they make significantly higher cutting rates possible, leading to considerably shorter cutting times.


BUSATEC offers a comprehensive range of carbide tipped band saw blades for your cutting requirements.


With the article group 1406 HYDRA CBSB, carbide-tipped bad saw blades with tooth sets are available. Using band saw machines designed for carbide tipped blades is necessary for ensuring efficient operations. The optimum tooth pitch for your cutting requirements depends on the cross section width of the material that you are cutting.


A table of optimum tooth pitches can be found under Application recommendations.


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