Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades

The main components of BUSATEC bi-metal band saw blades are two materials that have been permanently bonded.First there is a highly flexible backing material for the band saw blades. This special chromium and molybdenum alloy is hardened in a permanently monitored process to a hardness of 50 HRC. The secound material in the bi-metal band saw is a HSS strip in two different qualities - M42 (1.3207) or M51 (1.3207). Both of these components - the high-quality backing material and the optimally hardened HSS strip are inseparably bonded using an electron-beam welding technique.

The HSS strip forms the basis for the diverse range of cutting teeth that BUSATEX offers for all metal cutting requirements. To ensure that the teeth are hard as well as tough, the BUSATEC band saws go through a complex hardening and tempering production process with an optimum microstructural formation. After this heat treatment, the blade saw teeth are ready for use – the different tooth pitches and tooth shapes now possess optimum wear and tear properties and therefore offer uniform and continuous high quality.

The diverse range of tooth pitches produced by BUSATEC - from very fine to very coarse - ensure that all common types of materail cross sections can be cut optimally. In this respect the variable pitches have been shown to be particularly efficient and economical.

The basis for selecting the correct tooth pitch is the cross section and wall thickness of the material that you want to cut. You can find recommendations to help you choose optimum pitch using BUSATEC’s tables. (see page Application Recommendations’).

The different rake angels of the BUSATEC bi-metal article group – from 0°, 5°, 10° or even 15° – are the foundation for the excellent tool life of the BUSATEC band saw blades that our customers experience in everyday use.

The basis of choosing the correct rake angel is the type of material being cut: whether solid materials or structurals, non-ferrous metals or special steels - in BUSATEC's application recommendations you will find reliable information to help you optimally use the article group. (see page "Application recommendation").


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