Product Line Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades

BUSATEC products are highly regarded because of their reliability, long tool life and quality "MADE IN GERMANY".


Bi-metal band saw blades and carbide tipped band saw blades in coils or welded to lengths.


These are our strenghts!


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Standard tooth

1101-M42-PLUTO S-0 0°
1102-M42-PLUTO-EXTRA K-2 10°
1107-M42-PLUTO-ALU K-2 10°

Ground variable tooth

1110-M42 MARS-EXTRA-SG V-2 10°
1111-M42 MARS-SUPER-SG V-3 15°
1202-M51 APOLLO-EXTRA-SG V-3 15°


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